As Director of Arts and Culture for the 4th District, Kamilla Blanche partnered with the Wende Museum to co-produce and curate Behind The Berlin Wall

As a part of the Wende Museum's SURVEILLANCE PROJECT, Behind The Berlin Wall brought together street artists from Los Angeles, London and Berlin. 
The murals by Retna, D'Face and artist duo Herakut cover nine permanent segments belonging to the east side of the Berlin Wall on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. This project ran in conjunction with exclusive screenings of TED prize winner, JR's three short films, "Wrinkle in the City," "Inside Out Episode 1," and "Women are Heroes" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Also screened was "Across/The Wall", a video by Brian Davis about the Wende Museum's outdoor art installation of Russian portraits during the Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk.